E-Week/s.t.E.m. Outreach




Please contact us if you are interesting in becoming involved with one of our committees or have a programming idea to share.

Thank you.

Chicago Chapter Committee Position Descriptions

● Scholarship Chair: organize winter committee mtg; set goals for year; oversee all other scholarship activities

○ Write letters to school contacts

○ Follow-up via phone/email with school contacts

○ Monitor website form results (interested candidates)

○ Create flyer for distribution

○ Create content for e-blast & web page

○ Panel of 3 or more to review applicants

○ Scholarship winner liason

■ Contact winner to inform of award and invite to a meeting for presentation of award

■ Contact state office for scholarship check

■ Prepare certificate for presentation

○ Organize fundraiser (with others)

■ Past events included NCAA bracket competition, mail-in raffle, dinner theater event, motivational speaker, other

● Awards Chair: organize committee mtg; set goals for year; oversee all other awards activities

○ Maintain list of chapter, state, and national awards on website

○ Create content for e-blast during nomination time periods

○ Panel of 3 or more to review applicants

○ Order award plaques for awards lunch/dinner

○ Promote winners in e-blast, website, event, and/or other

● Mathcounts Chair(s): Run Chicago Mathcounts competition; present budget to

board (already have chair people, just looking for liason)

○ Chapter board liason

■ Create content for e-blasts

● Volunteer request

● Event announcement

● Results/winners announcement

■ Update website with photos and news

■ Coordinate with Chairs to promote member coaches program

● s.t.E.m. Outreach Chair: Coordinate s.t.E.m. activities with other associations

○ Maintain list of student competitions and contact information

○ Update event news from student competitions and other STEM events

○ Announce volunteer opportunities and help connect engineer volunteers with organizations

■ Job Shadow Program

■ Career day speakers

■ Career fair presenters

■ Competition judges

■ STEM event help

● E-week Chair: Coordinate E-week activities with other associations

○ Engineers Week Dinner and Washington Award with Western Society of Engineers

○ Organize other events with regional E-week committee

● Student Membership Chair: liason with UIC and IIT student membership; set goals for year; oversee student member activities

○ Maintain contact with a liason at each campus

○ Identify event opportunities for student members only

○ Identify event opportunities for full membership at campus facilities

○ Create event flyers for distribution

○ Create event content for e-blast & web page

○ Goal of one event each semester.

● Programming Chair: set programming goals for year with board

○ Responsible for maintaining programming calendar (for board, on google documents site, and on website)

○ Responsible for coordinating volunteers for each event

○ Responsible for coordinating schedule of events to avoid overlap and other organization events

○ Responsible for tracking event planning/summary spreadsheets

○ Responsible for confirming that event feedback surveys, pdh certificates, and receipts are completed.

● Communications Chair: set goals for year; oversee various Chapter communications

○ Responsible for scheduling monthly board meetings and recording meeting

minutes (distributed to attendees, posted in google document library, and send to

state office)

○ Responsible for coordinating bi-monthly e-blast content (gather content, work

with admin staff, archive on website)

○ Responsible for updating website content (or coordinating content addition by

others) and monitoring

○ Responsible for coordination with state office to get events listed on calendar/payment mechanism, in state email newsletter, and on state facebook/linkdin posts

● Treasurer: track budget and monthly finances; make deposits and pay bills

○ Responsible for coordinating yearly budget update at board meetings (May, June)

○ Responsible for quarterly report to board on payments, receipts, and account balances (including balance +/- of each event) (Apr,Jul, Oct, Jan)

○ Responsible for semi-annual report on # of members served and average income per member (Jul, Jan)

○ Responsible for yearly report to state office and board on total income for taxexempt status IRS electronic form submittal (Jul).

● President Elect and Membership Chair:

○ Establish yearly goals,

○ Serve on state membership committee

○ Coordinate membership retention letters and phone calls

○ Coordinate yearly election process

○ Help president with overall planning

● President and Chapter Representative to State Board:

○ Establish yearly goals,

○ Attend state board meetings

○ Generally oversee all committees and fill positions as needed

○ Represent chapter at events such as Mathcounts, E-Week events, and other functions as needed.